PSEA Voluntary Long Term Disability Plan Highlights

  • Covers Pregnancy and mental illness
  • Choice of 6 different plans customized to meet the needs of PSEA members
  • No medical questions if enrolled during initial offering and participation levels are met
  • Voluntary, member-paid, group rates
  • Statewide plan: Rates pooled with other Pennsylvania school entities
  • Flat rates – do not increase with age

PSEA Voluntary Long Term Disability Plan Options

Depending on your group, you will have a choice of 5 or 6 plan options to choose from. Options 1-5 have different elimination periods but all have 60% of salary and include offsets for sick leave. Option 6 provides 50% of salary and pays in addition to sick leave.

chart listing 6 plan options

Medical Premium Expense Benefit (MPEB)

This is an optional benefit that may be included with your plan. See your enrollment packet for details. Paid in addition to disability benefits

PSEA Voluntary Long Term Disability Plan Cost

Use our “Cost Calculator” to determine your cost.

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